Summer Sesh: @tribebrowns

We begin the first of many “Summer Sessions” we will conduct with various members of UD Twitter. Our masters at Soundcloud have certain requirements, chief among them is a directive to keep churning out content. So, we shall. If you have any interest in participating please let @5forFlying know. The BR takes all comers.

Our first (actually our third but we ran into some technical difficulties) is @tribebrowns, a frequent contributor to the Blackburn Review. The goal of the summer pods is to get to know Dayton Twitter a bit better and gear the conversation to whatever shit they dig. In this case, CARF beer, cuts of meat and even some UD basketball.

Other topics:

  • Blackburn gets emotional about the shitty people at Chipotle
  • Donnie breaks down the top five worst appetizers (why?)
  • Nate discusses the Browns draft
  • Donoher poses his “Five Questions” to Nate
  • The boys quickly discuss the ESPN firings
  • To close, Nate proposes a Hot/Not and picks the song outro


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