Summer Sesh: @eatmorefrogs

Round two of the Summer Session brings in one of UD Twitter’s funnier fellows, @eatmorefrogs aka Kiefaber. Mr. Vines steps in to host this one as Donny takes a reprieve from what is one of the most pressure-filled spots in entertainment. Kiefaber discusses how his Flyer fandom began, Vines breaks down the latest news out of the Donoher Center — specifically the pending arrival of the Serb/Croat/Czech/Slav to the Gem City and the latest injury news. The Academic Hazing Lady is brought up randomly. The Greek Freak was on campus this week, he’s just a normal dude, guys. The boys discuss the clandestine meeting between Sully and John Crosby.

Then the boys get down to it:

  • Sex with robots — it will change humanity forever
  • Airports, the worst places in the world
  • Some quick Kentucky Derby talk turns into a spirited conversation about horse copulation
  • A challenging Hot/Not ends the program


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