Ask an Old Dude

Continuing the time honored Blackburn Review tradition of the Summer Session, we’re proud to announce a new concept: Ask an Old Dude.

Blackburn Review readers are very diverse. Mostly white, mostly Catholic, very LOWD and a wide range of ages. We’ve heard from everyone…as far back as the Class of ’38 to current students. In fact, as Avid Flyer fans we take great Pride in knowing that recruits read the blog from time to time. (my attempt at T-Rex/Charles word play)

This diversity allows us to take advantage of one of greatest resources of knowledge…old dudes!

This is where you, the Blackburn Review faithful come in. We need you to call, text and tweet us the questions you need answers to! Let our resident old dude give you sage advice gleamed from his years of life experience.

Girl problems? Guy problems?
Should I be saving for retirement?
Do sharks really die if they stop swimming?
Are there warning signs that a bartender is planning on overserving me?
Should I tweet at recruits?
Is Goldberg’s win streak the greatest streak in sports history?
Should I stick with a Sports Management major?
Which UDFlyerNation account is the real one?
Our old dude is ready to answer any and all of your questions, so in the immortal words of 2Pac: Hit ’em up!

Send questions on Twitter to @dbiondi77, via email at or leave a message on the BR Hawtline — (937) 303-6705


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