Summer Sesh: Debord Roundtable

Sully flies solo on this one, taking time out to discuss all things UD with some young guns, siblings Easten and Colin. Sully leads off with news that the Sweater Centre is undergoing an upgrade and Colin/Easten are worried about their first-row seats.

Then the kids get to the takes:

  • John Crosby, antihero
  • Look ahead to the fall
  • Even more Crosby talk!
  • Paying college athletes
  • Archie Miller was long gone
  • Mrs. Anthony Grant vs. Mrs. Archie Miller
  • Easten discusses her DMs — Devin Oliver is involved, so is UDFlyerNation
  • Easten’s infamous Kyle Davis story
  • Colin/Easten give some predictions
  • Some questionable TV recommendations

I love how Easten says “googled.” (39:25)

One comment

  • Can we circle back to AG’s wife’s name? Wikipedia has her using her maiden name but I can’t confirm or deny. Big group of buddies from the class of 2015 get together every year for a golf Tournament (Morgan Miller Lotus Notes Memorial Open Classic Invitational Championship) now that Morgan is gone, we need to update the trophy and other assets. We need to know before we print the extra large check!! Christina Harrell-MMLNMOCIC, Christina Grant- MMLNMOCIC, or is it Christina Harrell Grant-MMLNMOCIC. Pls send help


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