Summer Sesh: @The_Kman_Did_It

Another Summer Sesh — with actual Dayton content. The boys bring on Fake Flyer News, one of UD Twitter’s most precious gifts. KMan attended the U of D “back in the day,” and he breaks down what Dayton media was like in the not too distant past. It was a weird time.

Then, of course, the talk shifts to the Sam Miller incident. The pissing, the punching, the fallout, it’s all there. The gentlemen take a guess as to Miller’s future with the program, it’s not good. FFN proposes a “UD scandal” tour and explains how the BR translates on campus. The history of the site itself, so meta, is discussed.

The talk shifts to the two best places to empty your bowels at UD — “The Shitter in the Sky” and the “Secret Shitter.” Further scatalogical takes occur. KMan brings a multi-layered Hot/Not to the table. The Saw Doctors take them out, an ode to Sammy Miller.

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